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ENRG MotorSport

ENRG MotorSport came about as part of my own amateur motorsport aspiration to race electric vehicles, primarily in two wheel quarter and standing mile drag racing, then hopefully 4-wheel hill climb, autotest and circuit racing in the future.

In addition to documenting my own build and competition experiences, I will be sharing our in-depth knowledge via Zoom Q&A sessions, YouTube channel (coming soon) and this blog. A large part will be dedicated to safe implementation of Lithium-Ion batteries and their management systems. We will also cover the integration of whole EV vehicle systems in compliance with Motorsport UK, ERRA, NEDRA and OEM best practice. These will include subjects such as, high-voltage interlocks and the appropriate use of E–Stop and safety control systems.

Whilst UK companies have been developing the technology of electric vehicles for several decades, it seems that motorsport is way behind that of the rest of the world. This can be seen where the National Electric Drag Racing Association, NEDRA, in the USA, have been operating for nearly 20 years.

In 2020 MotorSport UK issued 4 wheel vehicle regulations for electric racing held in the UK and in 2021 ERRA have done the same for electric motorcycles. ENRG MotorSport will discuss these regulations as they continue to develop and demystify the challenges of implementing them on a budget.

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