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Motorsport UK EV Technical


With input from ENRG, Motorsport UK have developed and released electric vehicle technical regulations, securing a more sustainable future for the sport.

Hugh Chambers, Motorsport UK CEO states “This is by no means the end of conventionally powered motorsport, but it is one of the key areas to develop in order for our sport to thrive in the future.”

The regulations can be applied to all types of electric vehicles, including modified production and bespoke competition Electrified Vehicles. For the full statement from MotorSport UK, click here.

Contact us with any queries regarding how these regulations may be applied to your project and how they may be worked within your budget.

Download Electrified Vehicles Guidance for Organisers:




Common Regulations for Competitors: Vehicles (J) Appendix 2: Regulations for Electrified Vehicles Page 156 onwards: 

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