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OpenBPM Overview

Find out how I developed a simple hardware solution in 2008 that prevented my high voltage Lithium Ion battery systems from being damaged.

This was an immensely successful product that was superseded by a more complex ECU based full battery management systems and as the battery industry has grown and developed, there are now some incredibly competent products available, but at a price I cannot justify for my hobby.

So, I thought I would try and go back to that simple solution, making it open source and now using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. There are a number of slave PCB’s on the market that can do the cell voltage and temperature measurement, I’m sure even some of the OEM boards can be reused, so I have focused on the decision making logic and how you safely integrate with the motor controller/inverter and battery charger.

The Opensource Battery Protection Module (OpenBPM) is a simple control system, developed on an Arduino platform, that prevents a Lithium Ion battery system from being damaged, specifically:

– Over charged (High Voltage Protection HVP)

– Over discharged (Low Voltage Protection LVP)

– Prevent damage due to charging at low temperature (Low Temperature Protection – LTP)

– Prevent thermal runaway (High Temperature Protection – HTP)


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