Here at ENRG Motorsport we are passionate about the electric vehicle racing scene and want to share that enthusiasm, along with our wealth of technical expertise for those looking to take part.

Permitting anyone to take part in their events, Straightliners offer a unique opportunity for those in the electric vehicle community to not only test their capabilities but also compete where they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Having aided with the development of Motorsport UK EV Technical Regulations, we are equipped to show members how to participate in such events safely but also how that can be executed with the budget you have in mind.

You can view our very own electric drag bike story on our blog, where you can read about our journey from garage to racetrack.

We offer this knowledge as a free resource to prospective electric vehicle racers because we want racing to continue into the future, even when internal combustion engines are no longer permitted. We use Zoom and other remote learning tools to help understand what you need to know to have fun with EVs on racetracks. So sign up below to see how we can help you start your own electric vehicle racing journey.

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